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Dear Valued Clients

Please be advised the following changes are applied to our practice:

1. Working hours changes: Please click here to check updates

2. Virtual visits: Based on your doctor judgment, physical presentation may not be necessary and virtual visit (mostly over the phone) may be arranged for you.

3. Screening: At the time of making an appointment and on presentation for your visit, you will need to answer standard questions COVID-19 screening (Click here to see self screening questions). If the answer to any of the questions is "YES" please stay home and call 811.

4. Social distance: We arrange the appointments in a way that just one client to be at waiting area at a time and consider the 2 meter social distance to staff and the other client how may coming or leaving the doctor office.

5. Cleaning: All the chairs and door handles and other possible contacts are disinfected after each visit.  

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